Pinnon cheetahs come to say hello

Just last week we had 2 cheetah appear on site for the first time since Pinnon Lodges set up camp. We watched them excitedly as they prepared to begin a hunt on the plains which back on to our restaurant. Unfortunately they were not co-operative enough to re-enact our cheetah logo by sitting side by side but we were thrilled enough with the photos we did manage to capture and to witness them so close to our camp.

The cheetah’s timing was spectacular as it was just moments before Ruth, Olivia and Joe (Pinnon family and cheetah enthusiasts) were heading out of camp on their journey back to the UK.

One thought on “Pinnon cheetahs come to say hello

  1. It was such a privilege to see cheetah.
    The animals here have a mystical wildness unlike animals we have encountered in other African countries. They are not used to people and feel truly wild. They trust us and it is our responsibility to care for them, and Pinnon Lodge has a great ethos for conservation and education.


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