Submarine Spotted On Site

Nile Crocodile
The Monster

The Picture taken is of a resident croc we call ‘the monster’. We estimate him/her to be approximately five metres long.

Nile Crocodiles are fairly common in Kafue National Park. Growing up to six metres long the crocodiles around Pinnon Lodges feed mainly on catfish and occasionally small mammals. Due to the lack of people inhabiting the area these crocodiles have a healthy fear of humans, even the local fishermen have had no issues with them despite working in tiny dug out canoes. As an apex predator of the river system you cannot help being in awe of them as they swim past the lodge at dusk and dawn. Always to be respected.

The Monster was photographed by Lyndon as he sat down for an evening beer outside the restaurant.

Safari Zambia with Pinnon Lodges, Kafue National Park.

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