One thought on “Goliath Heron at sunset

  1. I have two friends coming to your lodge in June.
    My partner and I have been singing the praises of African safaris for years. We stayed in Kings Camp on the Timbavari National Park several years ago and also we went on safari while I was working in Tanzania constructing power lines and electrical substations to the villages without electricity. The amazing people were so happy to have mains electricity for the first time.
    I was spoilt as one of my substation projects was in a game reserve. We also stayed at the game lodge in Mikumi. It is hard to explain how good staying at a lodge in a game reserve is and really needs experiencing for oneself.
    It is something we want to experience again in Africa. Zambia and Uganda are high on the list.
    The calm tranquility and being at one with nature and wildlife is a must for everyone in their lifetime in my personal opinion.
    Please can you send photos you have of your lodge and reserve.
    Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule ensuring your guests enjoy an experience of a lifetime that my friends will also not be able to do justice in words and photos as the amazing African people will touch their lives and never be forgotten.

    Best Regards



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