Cheetah In Kafue

Kafue National Park in Zambia is one of the strongholds of the Cheetah.

Not as common as Lion or Leopard but this incredible feline has its own niche in the ecosystem. Unlike the other predators (apart from the wild dog) it predominantly hunts during the day. It does so to ensure there is less competition. It is lean and smaller than it counterparts but preys upon similar animals. Today there are only 7100 left in the wild, throughout Africa (they have recently been introduced to India). Kafue is home to between 100 and 200 Cheetah. These photos were taken close to the Pinnon junction. There is even a coalition of two male brothers called the Pinnon coalition, We were lucky to have spotted them on camp and sent pictures to the Panthera the local specialists in wildlife conservation, to be told it could be the first recorded sighting. We were so pleased to have have them named after us.

6 thoughts on “Cheetah In Kafue

  1. It’s been a truly astounding watch. Loved every moment of the programme. When is the best time of year to give it a try? Spent a lot of time in the Aus bush when I was serving in the British Army but this is another level!


    1. Hi John, every season has a unique aspect to it. Peak season is between June and October. From November to April it’s the rainy season but it’s also beautiful when the rains come.


  2. This was the most amazing programme and now we really want to visit. Is it very insect bitey ?? I get bitten very easily.


    1. Wouldn’t say it was very insect bitey, but there are mosquitoes and flies that will bite but if you spray and cover up you will be absolutely fine. Also we ensure all rooms have mosquito nets to protect you as you sleep.


  3. I just watched lives in the wild tonight and looks absolutely Amazing, I must say to my Husband as I would love to come stay for a week or 2 weeks


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