Fighting Hippos of Pinnon

Hippos are big and very dangerous animal found all round Africa, here in Kafue National Park there are plenty of them. Every night without fail you will hear them from the lodge, fighting, chomping or just talking (grunting) to one another. We have had a number of serious hippo fights at the lodge which we watch with awe from the shoreline. These fights usually occur when a young male comes of age and the Alpha male of the Pod is trying to remove him forcibly to prevent inbreeding.

Two males fighting outside the lodge

Often these fights result in the death of the smaller of the two. If the younger male does not get the message it will end with him being killed by the massive teeth and jaws of the larger male (often the father). When this happens the crocodiles come and feed!

Hippo teeth can reach 36 cm long

Pinnon Safari Lodge is straight on the Kafue river with 3 chalets overlooking it. We are very fortunate to have a resident pod of about 16 hippo residing on our stretch of the river. There are a host of pods dotted about up and down the Kafue but on our little stretch or river and the adjoining stream, we have the Pinnon Pod. It comprises of one big male we call Black (named by our daughter Indianna and her cousin Iris) due to his much darker coloration than than the other hippos in the pod. The rest of the hippos are females and juveniles.

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